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Press Release – Montana Whole Health now offering vaccines to the general public.


Erika Krumbeck, ND

Montana Whole Health

714 Kensington Avenue

Phone: 406.552.5041

 Missoula naturopathic clinic to begin offering low cost children’s vaccines this month

Montana Whole Health is the first naturopathic clinic in the state to join the national Vaccines For Children program

MISSOULA, Mt—Feb. 12, 2014 —A Missoula natural healthcare center is now the first naturopathic clinic in the state of Montana to participate in the national Vaccines For Children program. Montana Whole Health is the private practice of Dr. Erika Krumbeck, a naturopathic physician who specializes in pediatrics, infertility and postpartum women’s health.

Dr. Krumbeck has recently enrolled in the Vaccines For Children program, which allows her to offer vaccines at little cost to eligible patients.  This makes Montana Whole Health one of only a few private clinics in Western Montana offering the option of flexible vaccine schedules to the general public.

“Parents in the greater Missoula area call my practice time and again asking if I do vaccines,” said Dr. Krumbeck. “I am pleased that I am now able to provide this service, and help meet the need for alternative vaccine schedules in a convenient location.”

“Vaccines are a controversial issue,” Dr. Krumbeck says. “I understand that some anti-vaccine families may be offended that as a naturopathic physician I offer vaccines at all.  On the other side I realize how controversial it is to offer delayed and alternate vaccine schedules. However, I strongly believe that parents should be allowed to choose how to vaccinate their child, and I am happy to provide that choice.”

The Vaccines For Children program is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at little or no cost to children who otherwise may not be able to be vaccinated due to inability to pay.  In order to be eligible for the Vaccines For Children program an individual must be under 18 years of age, uninsured, underinsured, Medicaid eligible or Alaska or American Native.  At Montana Whole Health VFC eligible patients pay an administration fee of only $21.32 per vaccine – the vaccine itself is provided at no cost.

Individuals with private insurance are also welcome at Montana Whole Health, including Healthy Montana Kids – Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Individuals with private insurance typically have little to no out-of-pocket costs for preventive vaccines.

Dr. Krumbeck is one of the few physicians in the region specializing in naturopathic pediatrics, and she is the only member of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians in the state of Montana.   She offers well-child checkups and naturopathic care for chronic conditions in children as well as adults of all ages.  Dr. Krumbeck is also the author of an online vaccine education course called Vaccines Demystified.

Dr. Krumbeck helps parents navigate daycare and public school requirements, as well as answer questions about vaccine safety.  Montana Whole Health stocks individual vaccines and vaccines with the lowest preservative and aluminum content whenever possible.

“It is my personal mission to provide vaccines in a compassionate, comfortable environment to minimize trauma to the child and to their developing immune system,” says Dr. Krumbeck.

Montana Whole Health is conveniently located just off of Brooks St. at 714 Kensington Ave. For more information about vaccines at Montana Whole Health visit  To make an appointment patients can call (406) 552-1717 or schedule online.

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