2016 Best of Missoula

Wow, thank you Missoula!

Missoula’s Independent  “Best Of” 2016 Readers Poll results are in.  Thank you for voting Montana Whole Health and Dr. Krumbeck as your favorite Alternative Healthcare Provider!

Best Alternative Healthcare Provider

Erika Krumbeck, Montana Whole Health

On her Whole Health blog, Dr. Erika Krumbeck explores infertility, pediatrics, postpartum depression, vaccinations and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, among other issues. “There’s no magic bullet in a pill,” reads one post, which shows exactly the kind of even-keel skepticism she’s become known for. Krumbeck embraces holistic ideas while also being in tune with Western medicine. She spends time working on people like they’re a puzzle, especially focusing on kids with chronic illnesses. In a country where conventional medicine often feels formulaic, Krumbeck’s practical but whole-picture approach is something Missoula can get behind.

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I want to say, it is an absolute honor to work with you.  I have the most wonderful patients, and I truly appreciate your support and your votes!

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Dr. Erika Krumbeck

Dr. Erika Krumbeck
Dr. Erika Krumbeck
Hello! My name is Dr. Erika Krumbeck (or “Dr. K” to my littlest patients). I am a naturopathic doctor and licensed primary care physician in the state of Montana. I specialize in pediatrics, infertility and postpartum women. Most importantly - I am a Mom! I am passionate about providing accurate, helpful medical information for you and your family. I love sharing the latest research in medicine, debunking health myths, and providing an unbiased voice for controversial topics. This blog is also full of natural ways to safely heal yourself and your children.