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Kendra Featherman, ND

Dr. Kendra Featherman sees patients from infancy through adulthood. She specializes in Family Medicine and Biofeedback.


Dr. Featherman sees children for well-child checks, vaccinations, and acute visits.  She also sees adults of all ages for primary care (wellness exams, paps, and acute visits), as well as adults with long-term chronic health issues. She is passionate about using mind-body medicine for both children and adults for conditions like behavior problems, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic stress, fatigue, insomnia, stomachaches and more.

Using mind-body medicine, Dr. Featherman focuses on the interactions between the brain, mind, body, and behavior. This approach can be the key to turn around hard to treat conditions. She works with patients on the ways emotional, mental, social, and behavioral factors can directly affect health.  Her approach respects and enhances each person’s ability to learn and participate in cultivating their health.

In the office, one form of mind-body medicine used is Biofeedback.  This technique uses measurements of heart rate, respiratory rate, muscle tension, sweat response, and skin temperature.  These measurements are used to help the patient understand how their body responds to stress and relaxation.  Biofeedback is one of many mind-body approaches Dr. Featherman utilizes.

Dr. Featherman is a native Missoulian and lives here with her husband and young daughter. Dr. Featherman is accepting new adult and pediatric patients.

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