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Imagine how you would feel if you woke up every morning refreshed, vital and energized.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had good health!


Individualized care.

Individualized care at Montana Whole Health means your treatment plan is crafted for your body and your health.  Healthcare plans are designed to continually improve the health of patients who suffer from chronic disease.  We also work with patients who have health problems that have been unexplained by conventional medical care.

Care from a physician who listens.

At Montana Whole Health you may experience healthcare like you’ve never seen before – a physician who listens, who values your time and works alongside you to continually improve your health.  This is not illness care, this is health care.

Working to address the root cause of the problem.

At Montana Whole Health we believe that the answer to chronic disease is not the removal of symptoms, but the addition of health.  Though it may take longer, addressing the root cause of the problem and optimizing the body’s normal physiologic processes can often allow for reversal of chronic disease.  We work with patients long after the disappearance of their symptoms, to optimize health and continually improve their well-being.  We also address the emotional and spiritual aspects of our patient’s health.

Combining conventional medical care with natural, alternative medicine gives our patients the best possible healthcare.  If needed, your naturopathic doctor will work in cooperation with your primary care provider or medical specialist to address all aspects of your health.

Conditions seen

I love hearing my patients come back saying ‘I never knew I could feel this good!’