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At Montana Whole Health you receive compassionate care from a naturopathic physician who listens.

Phone: (406) 552-1717
Address: 714 Kensington Ave; Missoula, MT 59801

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COVID-19 Update

Montana Whole Health provides primary care, naturopathic medicine, and we remain open with modifications in place to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. We offer:

Telemedicine appointments

For new or existing patients with acute or chronic health conditions. Yes, we can continue to bill your insurance for Telemedicine visits!

Pediatric care

We continue to see healthy children in-office for Well Child Checks and routine vaccinations. We are accepting a limited number of new Well Child patients at this time.

Limited in-office checks

We are offering limited in-office visits for existing patients who need a physical examination. (E.g., ear checks, weight checks.)

For in-office patients we are severely restricting the number of patients and families we see on a daily basis, typically to 1-2 per day, with time for disinfection in between visits. We recommend children over age 4 and adults to reschedule their wellness appointments until our COVID cases in Missoula go down to safe levels.

Patients who are concerned they may have a Coronavirus infection:

Please schedule a Telemedicine visit (NEW or EXISTING patients). Your doctor at Montana Whole Health will assess the severity of the infection, determine if a referral for COVID testing is necessary, and will prescribe a naturopathic treatment plan to help relieve your symptoms. For a SAME-DAY appointment (limited availability) please call (406) 552-1717 or e-mail [email protected] BEFORE 10:00 a.m.

Your doctors

Nice to meet you! Here is a little about us...


Erika Krumbeck, ND

Naturopathic physician

Dr. Erika Krumbeck is the founder and owner of Montana Whole Health. Dr. Krumbeck specializes in primary care, pediatrics, infertility and postpartum women’s health. She is the proud founder and editor of www.naturopathicpediatrics.com, the leading internet source for trustworthy natural health information for children and naturopathic pediatric providers. Dr. Krumbeck has specialized training in treating chronic conditions in children using safe, gentle and effective natural remedies. She helps bridge the gap between conventional medicine and complementary/alternative medicine by using both new research and traditional naturopathic therapies to guide treatment. Dr. Krumbeck does well-child checkups and primary care visits for children. Dr. Krumbeck specializes in natural fertility treatment to help create healthy babies and happy Moms and Dads. She is a passionate advocate for care for women with postpartum depression/anxiety/OCD and effectively treats these conditions using remedies safe for nursing mothers. Dr. Krumbeck also treats parents with chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease and digestive complaints, including Chronic Mono (EBV) and SIBO.


Kendra Featherman, ND

Naturopathic physician

Dr. Kendra Featherman specializes in primary care, pediatrics, postpartum women's health, and mental health for adults. Dr. Featherman has specialized training in pediatrics and sees children for well-child checks, vaccinations, and acute visits from age newborn through adolescence. She also sees children with chronic or complex conditions like ADHD, constipation, eczema, behavioral problems, anxiety and more. Dr. Featherman is passionate about the health of postpartum Moms and strongly believes that women deserve the best health possible after having a baby. She also sees adults of all ages for primary care (wellness exams, paps, and acute visits), as well as adults with long-term chronic health issues. Dr. Featherman specializes in Mind-Body-Medicine and Biofeedback to help anxious and chronically stressed adults achieve better health. She offers same-day appointments for urgent mental health problems.

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Call us (406) 552-1717 or click the link below to schedule a new patient appointment. We also offer free 15-minute consultations to find out if naturopathic medicine is right for you or your family.

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We are located at 714 Kensington Ave, in beautiful Missoula, Montana.

Naturopathic medicine heals.

At Montana Whole Health we have hundreds of success stories of how naturopathic medicine heals adults, children, and couples struggling to conceive. We use the principles of naturopathic medicine to help our patients restore health naturally.

Health Insurance

Yes! We are in-network with many health insurance companies. Make sure you verify that you have naturopathic coverage before using your insurance card.

Same-day visits

Yes! We offer same-day appointments for established patients. We see ouchy ear infections, croupy coughs, weird rashes, colicky babies and more. We also offer same-day appointments for urgent mental health needs.

Lab testing

Yes! We offer comprehensive lab testing, including conventional bloodwork, food allergy & sensitivity testing, organic acids testing, comprehensive stool analysis, MTHFR & other SNP testing and more.

Find your healthcare home.

At Montana Whole Health you receive compassionate care from a naturopathic physician who listens.

Our specialities:

Primary care

Newborn exams. Well child checks. Wellness exams for adults. Paps. Same day acute visits. Vaccines & alternate vaccine schedules. Natural mental healthcare.

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At Montana Whole Health we specialize in Naturopathic Pediatrics. We treat children with a variety of conditions, including complex chronic health and behavior problems.

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Find the cause of your infertility with a detailed look at your health. Preconception care at Montana Whole Health is individualized to find and treat the many factors that impact fertility.

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Postpartum women

From postpartum anxiety, depression, OCD, lactation difficulties, thyroid issues and more, we treat women with natural remedies that are safe for nursing mothers.

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Find HOPE for your health.

Find HOPE for your child.

Find better health at Montana Whole Health. Naturopathic medicine for ALL.

Preconception care

Comprehensive fertility care for both men and women.


Newborn well child checks. Lactation support. Care for common infant conditions like colic, reflux and more.


Well child checks. Vaccines & alternate vaccine schedules. Care for chronic health and behavior issues.


Wellness exams. Paps & gynecological exams. Care for complex health issues. Mental health healing.

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Call us (406) 552-1717 or click the link below to schedule a new patient appointment. We also offer free 15-minute consultations to find out if naturopathic medicine is right for you or your family.

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