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Here at Montana Whole Health it is our goal to be fully transparent with our fees for services.

We are happy to submit a claim to your insurer for you.  We are in-network physicians with many insurance plans.  However, many individual plans specifically exclude naturopathic services.   You are responsible for verifying your insurance benefits, and you will be responsible for paying the portion that your insurance does not cover.

Verify Your Insurance Benefits

All patients receive a “Time of Service” discount for paying for their visit the day of their appointment.

Standard visits

Paid at appointment (includes Time of Service discount)

Billed to Insurance

New Patient Office Visit
60 minutes
$295 $325
Standard Return Visit
30 minutes
$150 $175
Extended Return Visit
45 minutes
$195 $250


Between your first and second visit your naturopathic doctor may order labwork.  These fees are not included in the prices listed above, but are an essential part of forming your plan.

Wellness Visits

Well Child Checks, Adult Wellness Exams, Gynecological exams, etc.

No insurance coverage

With insurance that covers naturopathic services

New Patient Well Child Check $250 Billed to insurance, no cost to patient*
Return Patient Well Child Check $175 Billed to insurance, no cost to patient*
Adult Wellness Visit $250 Billed to insurance, no cost to patient*


Acute visit

Ear infections, sore throats, coughs, etc.

Paid Today (Includes Time of Service discount)

Billed to Insurance

Acute visit

$100 – $150**
based on time & complexity

$140 – $175**
based on time & complexity

*Deductibles and insurance coverage.

All patients are responsible for confirming that their insurance policy includes naturopathic services. Patients are responsible for any amount that their insurance denies. If you are unsure of your insurance coverage we will ask you to pay at time of service.

Please understand the difference between Wellness visits and Standard/Acute visits. Please be aware that wellness visits are billed differently from standard and acute visits. By law all “preventive” visits (well child checks, well adult checks, routine gynecological exams) are covered at 100% by insurance plans. These preventive visits do not have copays or get applied to a deductible. Other visits, like for depression, fatigue, an ear infection, strep throat, bladder infection, etc, DO get applied to deductible AND may have a copay.

For example, if your child has regular wellness care but then needs to be seen for an ear infection (an acute visit) – you will likely NOT get a bill for the wellness visit, but MAY get a bill for the acute visit. This often depends on your plan and deductible.

Phew, we know that navigating the world of insurance is tricky, but we’re happy to help you through it. 🙂

**Other fees

Vaccines, vaccine administration fees, standardized tests (like developmental screens for children), blood draw fees, in-house Strep tests, urinalysis, etc., are not included in the prices above. For a full list of services please simply ask, we always have a comprehensive list handy.