Postpartum Care

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Postpartum care

From Mom to Mom – here at Montana Whole Health your doctors understand the unique needs of postpartum women.

Dr. Krumbeck and Dr. Dalili provide natural solutions to postpartum conditions, using gentle treatments that are safe for nursing mothers.

Your doctor looks carefully to detect the underlying cause of postpartum health conditions, including screening for iron deficiency/anemia, postpartum thyroiditis, nutrient deficiencies and more.  Dr. Dalili and Dr. Krumbeck offer a caring ear and compassionate voice to discuss your concerns in a non-judgmental environment.

Conditions seen:

  • Postpartum-onset autoimmune conditions like thyroiditis, arthritis, psoriasis and more
  • Sleep loss
  • Postpartum anxiety/postpartum OCD/postpartum psychosis
  • Lactation support, including insufficient supply
  • Post pregnancy aches/pains, including back-aches, pelvic pain and more
  • Libido problems

Postpartum mood issues

Dr. Krumbeck and Dr. Dalili are a passionate advocates for the mental health of Moms.  Dr. Krumbeck is herself a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety, she wants ALL postpartum women to know that depression, anxiety, OCD and psychosis are treatable conditions. Both doctors also strongly recommend all postpartum women who are experiencing mood or physical symptoms to complete bloodwork to check for postpartum onset of autoimmune conditions, particularly thyroiditis.

At Montana Whole Health you can expect a natural treatment plan using  herbs, supplements and hormones that are completely safe for nursing women.