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Nutrition Services

Eating well can be easy!

Meet Kayla Martin, Nutrition Educator at Montana Whole Health

Kayla Martin is a Certified Nutrition Specialist candidate who specializes in functional nutrition to promote healing and optimize health and wellbeing. Kayla has partnered with Montana Whole Health as a Nutrition Educator for existing patients. She works closely with Dr. Krumbeck to determine the dietary, lifestyle, and supplement needs of each patient.

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Nutrition for kids, adults and families

Kayla understands how challenging dietary and lifestyle changes can be to implement into busy lives and she hopes to be a source of encouragement, guidance, and support throughout each patient's unique health journey. Click the tabs below to find out how she can help!

Implementing Specific Diets

Kayla can help you and your family navigate the specific diets recommended by your physician. These may include:

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)


Ketogenic (Keto) Diet

Mediterranean Diet

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Elimination/Challenge Diet

Whole30 Diet

Meal planning

Let Kayla make it easy for you! She can help you with:


Shopping lists

Healthy snacks

Meal swaps

Grocery store tours

Personalized meal plans

Nutritional Assessments

Functional nutrition includes personalized assessments for patients. These may include:

Calculating macronutrients

Assessing micronutrients and potential nutrient deficiencies

Calculating daily energy expenditures

Determining caloric and nutrient goals

Pediatric nutrition

Kayla has extensive experience working with families as a Nutrition Educator. She can work with families on a number of issues including:

Severe picky eating

Baby led weaning

Food allergies and intolerances

Medical diets

Intestinal repair (like GAPS or SCD diets)

Weight management

Customized weight management plans for patients wanting to lose, gain or maintain a healthy weight. Kayla works WITH your body in a positive manner, giving you tips and techniques that actually work. She can help you with:

Emotional eating

Food aversions

Insulin resistance

Optimizing digestion, absorption and satiety

Hormonal imbalances that affect weight and digestion

Kayla Martin

Kayla Martin is a Certified Nutrition Specialist candidate and Nutrition Educator for Montana Whole Health. Kayla received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and her Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Kayla helps craft individualized nutrition plans and educates clients on the dietary patterns that are most supportive of their unique bodies and lifestyles.

She enjoys debunking diet myths and encouraging women to take charge of their own health! She has a personal interest in supporting women struggling with eating disorders and making “wellness” accessible to all people. Kayla spends her free time hiking, running, paddle boarding, practicing yoga, or simply enjoying the outdoors with her black lab Tiny. As a self-proclaimed nerd, Kayla spends a great deal of time reading all the latest nutrition research.

Whole person nutrition

Functional nutrition is unique in that it considers the WHOLE body, WHOLE person and WHOLE family. Your treatment plan will be entirely individualized based on all these unique factors.


Learn how to choose, prepare, and enjoy nourishing food for you and your family.


Develop strategies to reduce and manage stress.


Optimize the quality of your sleep through dietary and lifestyle modifications.


Improve the health of your environment by identifying and minimizing environmental toxins.

Nutrition consultations

  • Discovery Call

  • FREE

    20 minutes
  • Let’s get to know each other!

    Discovery Calls are a chance for us
    to connect and decide if we’re
    a good match! This is your opportunity
    to tell me what you’re looking for
    and hear about the services I provide.

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  • Initial Consultation

  • $175

    60 minutes
  • Initial comprehensive nutrition evaluation.

    We will dive into your health history,
    dietary patterns, and goals.
    I will use this information to create
    an individualized lifestyle and dietary plan.

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  • Follow-up Session

  • $75

    30 minutes
  • Follow-up session.

    This is where the magic happens!
    Follow-ups will be used to discuss barriers,
    questions, brainstorm solutions, review your
    current goals, and add additional goals
    as necessary. We will dig deeper and
    continue curating a plan you’ll actually
     to stick to!

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Nutrition services for the WHOLE family.

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