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Newborn care

Why choose a naturopathic physician?

Naturopathic physicians in the state of Montana are considered primary care providers and can perform Well Child Exams, order all lab work and imaging, and make referrals to specialists just like any other conventional pediatrician.

Well child visits at a naturopathic physician’s office typically go beyond what you would experience at a conventional physician’s office.  Naturopathic medicine focuses on prevention, patient education, and treatment of common ailments using natural methods rather than synthetic medications.  

How is care different at Montana Whole Health?

Here at Montana Whole Health we typically spend 45-60 minutes with families for well child visits, focusing on optimizing health for children and preventing the development of chronic disease as they grow to adulthood.  We discuss nutrition with each family, and if necessary custom tailor a diet that is right for the growing child.  We also provide alternatives to commonly given medications like Tylenol or antibiotics.

We also discuss vaccines, vaccine-preventible diseases, and vaccinating children who have various medical complications or have had previous reactions to vaccines.  You will have plenty of time to thoroughly discuss vaccines in a non-judgmental, open environment.  We also offer vaccines for families who choose to immunize on an alternate or delayed schedule, according to the parent’s desires.  We administer immunizations in a comfortable, compassionate environment to minimize trauma to the child.  For more information (including how we use the “Buzzy” to limit pain) see our Vaccines page.


Do you accept insurance?


We REQUIRE patients to check with their insurance company BEFORE assigning any provider at Montana Whole Health as their child’s primary care provider.  Insurers that typically cover naturopathic care: Blue Cross Blue Shield (Federal and many other plans), University of Montana plans, Providence Hospital network, Missoula County, State of Montana, Pacific Source and Montana Health Co-Op (“marketplace” plans).  We are considered “in-network” with Allegiance, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacific Source, Montana Health Co-Op and the above-mentioned plans, however some plans specifically exclude naturopathic services.  Please call your insurer!

In order to bill insurance for your newborn we will ask to keep a credit card on “hold” with us. In the event that your insurance plan does not cover naturopathic services or denies your claim we will run your card on file. This is completely avoidable by simply checking with your insurance company prior to assigning a Montana Whole Health provider as your child’s primary care physician.  Do NOT forget to add your newborn baby to your insurance plan!

We are so sorry to report that we are unable to bill Healthy Montana Kids or HMK Plus. This is not our choice. Naturopathic physicians are specifically excluded from these two plans.  Please contact your state senator and representative to make this change! If your child is uninsured or has HMK Plus and you choose to use Montana Whole Health as your child’s place of primary care we can offer a significant discount if you pay upfront for well-child care.

Here is our protocol for seeing new babies:

  • Families new to Montana Whole Health MUST schedule a 15-minute “meet & greet” at Montana Whole Health at least 1 month prior to your due date!
  • If your baby is born in a hospital they will have their first neonatal checkup completed by the staff pediatrician. Your baby will also receive a checkup before they are discharged from the hospital. Babies born in a hospital should be seen in our office 2-3 days after discharge.
  • If your baby is born at home or at The Birth Center they will need to have a checkup in our office within 48 hours (preferably 24 hours).
  • Please call the office as soon as your family is settled at home to schedule your child’s first well child check.  If your child has any complications during or shortly after birth please continue to see his/her pediatrician (assigned in the hospital) until they are discharged to “standard” outpatient care.
  • Please have the hospital, birth center or midwife fax records to (406) 552-4203 shortly after birth.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to the appointment, AND have the pediatric paperwork completely filled out. This is extremely important, or we may be unable to see your child.
  • Please bring 2 warm blankets with you to the visit, as well as extra diapers in case your baby has a wet diaper during the visit.

Well baby checks typically occur at 24-48 hours, 3-7 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.   Some babies will need additional weight checks, especially early in life.

A little naturopathic trick for you:

Lastly – a little naturopathic trick/tip for you: shortly after the baby is born we recommend coating the baby’s bottom with olive oil. This helps easily wipe off the baby’s first meconium stool (poop).

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