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First Do No Harm

First Do No Harm

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine aims to use the least invasive methods to allow the body to heal with minimal intervention.  We attempt to minimize the use of substances that may cause harmful side effects, and avoid, when possible, the suppression of symptoms

Dr. Erika Krumbeck

Hello! My name is Dr. Erika Krumbeck (or “Dr. K” to my littlest patients). I am a <a href="https://www.mtwholehealth.com/2011/05/so-youre-going-to-be-like-almost-a-doctor-arent-you">naturopathic doctor</a> and licensed primary care physician in the state of Montana. I specialize in pediatrics, infertility and postpartum women. Most importantly - I am a Mom! I am passionate about providing accurate, helpful medical information for you and your family. I love sharing the latest research in medicine, debunking health myths, and providing an unbiased voice for controversial topics. This blog is also full of natural ways to safely heal yourself and your children.


January 29, 2019