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Andy Turner, ND

Andy Turner, ND, Resident Physician

Andy Turner, ND, is a dedicated physician with a focus on providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare. She obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and a certificate in Natural Childbirth from the National University of Natural Medicine. Driven by her passion for holistic care, she also holds certifications in Pelvic Floor Therapy and is a certified yoga teacher, currently working toward becoming a Yoga Therapist. With a focus on the interactions between emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual health, she embraces the power of mind-body medicine in the teachings of yoga and naturopathic medicine to promote wellbeing and vibrant living.

Before pursuing her medical education, Dr. Turner’s journey led her to explore various areas. She studied Public Health Education at Portland State University, managed a bustling integrative medicine clinic with a diverse team of 22 providers, and owned a successful yoga studio. Additionally, she gained valuable experience through three years of midwifery apprenticeship, supporting families during birth center and home births.

Dr. Turner is dedicated to promoting reproductive health and empowerment, offering support and guidance to individuals seeking natural childbirth experiences and exceptional postpartum and newborn care. She combines her expertise in holistic pelvic floor therapy with her commitment to empowering individuals and helping them access their natural power and wisdom.

Dr. Turner’s profound connection to nature stems from growing up in Southeast Alaska, where she developed a deep reverence for living close to the land and witnessing the healing power of nature. Her free time is filled with hiking adventures alongside her beloved dog and delighting loved ones with her baking skills.

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