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“At least once a day, a patient tells me that she’s been suffering for month, sometimes years, because a doctor told her there’s nothing to do for Hashimoto’s.”


Naturopathic Hashimoto's Missoula Montana


When Synthroid doesn’t help, these patients are offered anti-depressants to “treat” their fatigue, depression, and weight gain, all while being fed the story, “your TSH is normal, so all this other stuff is just in your head.”


MYTH – there’s nothing to do for Hashimoto’s.

FACT – through the naturopathic lens, there are so many ways we can treat, improve – and maybe even resolve – your Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.


Hashimoto’s is a condition in which your immune system, having lost the ability to distinguish non-self from self, begins to attack your thyroid gland. The conventional wisdom concerning Hashimoto’s states that a patient’s only option is to take Synthroid (or its generic version) to suppress thyroid function, giving the immune system less to attack.


Naturopathic Physicians, on the other hand, are trained to see Hashimoto’s as both a thyroid condition AND an immune system problem. Looking through this dual lens, we work with our patients to make dietary and lifestyle changes that lower the overall immune burden, helping the immune system to rebalance and restore normal function. We identify and replete nutrient deficiencies, particularly those involved in thyroid function, metabolism, and energy pathways, so that your body has the nutrients needed to heal from the inside. And – when needed – we can work with you to prescribe the right thyroid medication for your symptoms.


If you’ve been told, “it’s all in your head,” or “your thyroid is normal; there’s nothing left to do,” but still feel frustrated by fatigue, weight gain, and mood swings, schedule an evaluation today.


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