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New Patient Appointments

Montana Whole Health will be accepting new patient appointments for January 2024 on a limited basis.

Welcome! It’s nice to meet you.

If you would like to become a new patient please fill out the form below. We will respond to your request within 2 business days (usually within a few hours).

    If billing insurance, it is your responsibility to verify coverage BEFORE your appointment. We cannot bill HMK or Medicaid. Insurance verification forms can be found on our website at www.mtwholehealth.com/forms. We only accept insurance from patients who have verified naturopathic benefits.
  • Example: Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield, or Missoula County. Type none if you plan on paying at time of service.
  • Please do not include sensitive protected health information. A brief statement is all we require. Example: "help with hormones," or "recurrent ear infections"
  • E.g., Thursday afternoons, or First Available
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Questions? Contact us!

Telephone: 406.552.1717

Text messages: 406.552.1919

Important information:
The medical license of naturopathic doctors at Montana Whole Health are limited to practice within the state of Montana.  This means that all patients need to be within the state, even for Telemedicine visits.  We require all patients to be seen at least once in-person at our clinic in Missoula, Montana before setting up Telemedicine visits.  This is for the safety of our patients and to provide the best medical care possible.
All patients are required to keep a credit card on file for missed appointments, supplements, copays and missed insurance payments.  Your card will be stored securely at your first visit and never charged without your knowledge.  You may choose to pay with cash, check or card at your visit. Regardless of payment type we still require keeping a card on file.
Patients are responsible for confirming their insurance benefits prior to their first visit.  We prioritize scheduling patients who have confirmed insurance coverage.  Remember that doctors may be listed as “in-network,” but if your insurance company does not include naturopathic benefits then your visit will not be covered. Please check out the forms on our website for more information.
If you are not sure of your insurance coverage we will ask that you pay for your visit at time of service.  We will supply you with the correct superbill and codes for your insurer to reimburse you.
At this time we will not bill out-of-state insurance plans.  All patients residing outside of the state of Montana will be asked to pay at time of service.

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