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Naturopathic medicine for the WHOLE family, from newborn through adulthood.

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First Do No Harm

Naturopathic medicine aims to use the least invasive methods to allow the body to heal with minimal intervention.  We attempt to minimize the use of substances that may cause harmful side effects, and avoid, when possible, the suppression of symptoms...

Treat the Whole

Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic, social, and environmental factors all play a role in the state of a person’s health.  At Montana Whole Health we treat your whole person by taking all these into account when developing a care plan. ...

Find The Cause

Symptoms are just symptoms.  Real healing begins when we find the underlying cause of disease, illness, mental health and behavioral problems.  At Montana Whole Health we spend extra time with our patients, listening carefully so we can look for that underlying cause....

Trust the Body

The body was designed to heal itself.  At Montana Whole Health we recognize this self-healing ability.  Our role as doctors is to uncover and eliminate obstacles to cure, and to facilitate the recovery process....