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Rebuilding your health is like remodeling your house (or office!)

Rebuilding your health is like remodeling your house (or office!)

Dr. Erika Krumbeck

I learned a lot about paint this year.  Mostly I learned that doing interior painting takes at least twice as long and requires three times more paint than you would think.

It’s been an exciting year at Montana Whole Health.  I signed a lease for a new office space in July, spent all of August preparing the space, and finally moved in early September.

But I bit off way more than I could chew with “remodeling” the office.  All it really required was stripping wallpaper, texturing, painting, installing a few new light fixtures and a sink, and adding lots of office furniture.  It sounded like a job I could pull off in a week, so having the entire month of August seemed like way more than enough time.

Oh how I was wrong.  I spent three days stripping wallpaper in one office before I panicked and needed help from my father-in-law.  Painting took three weeks, delivering my cozy exam table (that converts to a massage table) took six weeks, and my lab equipment took until October to completely install.  Mounting pictures took an entire afternoon instead of one hour, organizing herbal tinctures took two hours instead of 30 minutes…and so on.

And here are the results…

This was my old office...

This was my old office…


…partially painted…


...became this!

…and this is my new office!

(and this.)

…another look at my new office!


This was the old waiting area…

became this!

…and here is the new waiting area! (With bins of toys for the kids!)

...and this. (My new waiting area!)

…another view of the new waiting area. Those framed photos are some of my favorite motivational quotes.

Nat Medicine

…and this is the canvas that is hanging on the wall in my office.

Sometime in the middle of August, sweating in 95-degree weather as I repainted the fence, I realized that this is exactly what it is like to try to remodel your body.

I see a lot of sick people.  I see a lot of very sick people – who want something, anything to get them feeling better.

The best part about naturopathic medicine is that it can completely restore health.  The worst part about naturopathic medicine is that it takes time.

I have a few patients now where we had months of no improvement – which is so unbelievably frustrating.  Especially because these folks have done so much hard work to get their body back in order.  But I had a good reminder last week, as yet another patient came back telling me “Wow, I finally feel good!”  She had done the hard work, but it took months before her body got the memo and started feeling better.

I like the analogy of the canoe going down the river.  To get that canoe back upstream (to where the waters are nice and healthy and not polluted) first you have to stop going downstream! Then you can turn around and paddle up.

Remember that the reward is incredible – a fully healthy body and a life full of energy so you can do what you love.

...and this canvas is hanging in my back hallway as a little reminder to us all.

…and this canvas is hanging in my back hallway as a little reminder to us all.

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