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Check out NaturopathicPediatrics.com

Check out NaturopathicPediatrics.com

Dr. Erika Krumbeck

Have you heard about www.naturopathicpediatrics.com?

Dr. K here.

Have I mentioned my “baby” to you?  I am the founder and editor of www.naturopathicpediatrics.com, and I’ve been working on the site for over 6 years now.  It is my brain child and baby, the place where I am (attempting) to download my brainful of natural health information for my patients and fellow colleagues.

If you are a current patient at Montana Whole Health, OR if you are a parent, grandparent or naturally-minded caregiver I highly recommend checking it out.  We have awesome articles written by dozens of licensed naturopathic doctors from all around the country. (And some Canadian docs too.)

I know I have mentioned the site to many of you in the past, so here is the link: NaturopathicPediatrics.com

You may want to bookmark it.

Please also follow Montana Whole Health as well as Naturopathic Pediatrics on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more information.

If you are a patient at Montana Whole Health I highly encourage you to subscribe to the Naturopathic Pediatrics newsletter as well.  Subscribers to the newsletter will be considered “members” and will have access to exclusive content, links to webinars, and coming soon a membership-only forum.  Come join us!

Here are some screen shots – but make sure to check out the whole site, which is much more fun live.

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