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I’m not perfect

I’m not perfect

Dr. Erika Krumbeck

Last week I wrote about Mom blogs and how they make me anxious with their beautiful, picture-perfect families and super-Mom stories.  Over this past week I heard from several other parents who have said they identify with my Mom-guilt.

This week I am dealing with the fact that I’m not perfect.  (I hope that’s not what you’re looking for when you read my blog, because I can’t deliver that.  But I can be honest.)

I’m not perfect. I don’t have the flawless, gorgeous “all-natural” family that looks like garden fairies out of a storybook.  I’m not a perfect mother and I’m not a perfect doctor.  And though I can’t promise you perfection, when you come to see me as your doctor I can promise you a few things:

  1. Judgment-free doctoring. There is no ultimate way to parent your child, but rather what works for you and your family.  As long as it falls within the realm of safe parenting, you have my support.  And though I don’t have all the answers on parenting, what I can supply are plenty of ideas to improve the health of your family.
  2. Evidence.  I will always try to give evidence to support my claims.  Sometimes that is no more than clinical experience, but often I have some literature backing it up as well.  I know how confusing it is to wade through the volumes of things written on various health subjects.  Doctor Google can be very misleading, if not downright false.
  3. Medical care.  Occasionally there is an underlying, undiagnosed medical condition that is contributing to what may seem like a common problem.  I’m a doctor, which means I am constantly screening for anything serious that could be contributing to your or your child’s condition.  Your safety is always my first priority.
  4. You’ll see someone who cares.  I know my patients by name, not patient chart number.  I take time to listen to your concerns no matter how small.  I will give you health care with dignity and compassion – because boy do I understand how difficult it is to be a Mom with a sick child.

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